De Wit Family

Pilots on a mission

Joost de Wit en Ruth de Wit – van der Ploeg gaven hun carrière als piloten bij KLM op om mensen in nood te gaan helpen.

Together with their children Naud and Annemijn, they will live in Kenya and fly as voluntary bush pilots for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to bring help, hope and healing to the most isolated places in Africa.


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With 500 partners we can take-off to bring help, hope and healing to isolated places. Become a partner today and fly for life with us!

Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF brings medical aid, humanitarian aid, development aid and supports missions through aviation and technology. Every five minutes an MAF plane lands or takes off somewhere in the 26 poorest countries of the world. From January 2024, Joost and Ruth will be flying airplanes to offer help and hope to others in Kenya. Discover all about their mission and how you can support on this website. 

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